Quit Smoking Using Champ-ix

A daily routine for any lifelong smoker will usually start off with at least one or two cigarettes and follow throughout the day with many, many more. So for those that wish to quit smoking after years and years of habitual tobacco use, just putting them down and never smoking again is virtually impossible. While there are many options to help smokers quit, Champ-ix is one of the best.

Champix works to help people quit smoking by actually decreasing the pleasure that a person gets from their habit. By changing chemical balance levels in the brain, Champix will not only block off the pleasure reception from smoking, but also help to ease or even eliminate the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker goes through when they quit. As with most medications, Champix is meant to be taken in its effective dosage on a strict plan that will be issued by a Doctor. Naturally, this means it is important to consult with your Doctor before starting or changing your dose with Champix.

Champix has a very large success rate, often leading to a life free of smoking. In most cases, not only will the user never wish to smoke again, but they often become adverse to even being around smoke, which can often make them exhibit signs of illness. While that may not seem like the most pleasant to some non-smokers, anyone wishing to quit will usually relish the fact that they won’t be able to relapse quite as easily as other stop smoking methods.

However, as with all chemical medications, some side effects can occur. Champix can interfere with other medications, so it is naturally important to consult with your doctor. In addition to that, the following side effects can occur to anyone taking Champix. Most are minor annoyances worth the cost of being smoke free, such as bowel movement issues, dizziness in your everyday routine that can usually be accompanied by headaches. Some other minor side effects include heartburn or nausea, and insomnia that is often accompanied by lethargy and weakness.

While the above are probably all worth the risk for any lifelong smoker wishing to quit their unhealthy habit, there are more severe side effects that need to be taken into consideration. Varying levels of depression can be caused by taking Champix. Other serious side effects can include heart attack like symptoms such as chest pain, and a severe skin reaction. Unfortunately, signs of a stroke or even a severe allergic reaction can also occur in a few select people. If any of these signs should happen if you’re taking Champix, consult your Doctor right away.

While the list of side effects may seem large, the success rate of Champix cannot be argued. So while you should weigh the risks before considering the use of any medication, just remember that a life free of smoking has health benefits that can outweigh just about any side effect out there. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your cigarettes once and for all. You can always try electronic cigarette, as they are also a fantastic way to quit smoking, they contain e-liquid which has nicotine in.